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UV Reflective – Fade Resistance – Energy Savings

Shingle Magic Sealer “Coolseal” is an advanced state-of-the-art Heat Reflective color system specially formulated to reflect damaging UV rays, reduce heat transfer through the roof and save on energy consumption by lowering surface temperatures.
Using the proprietary Shingle Magic formula with the CoolSeal Colors Technology adds extra waterproofing, resist mildew, mold, and moss, and bonds the granules to the shingles.

This is a huge “Game Changer” in the roof restoration industry.
Consumers now have an option by changing their roof shingle appearance, saving money by eliminating the high cost of re-roofing.
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CoolSeal Heat Reflective Color


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Allen L.
Allen L.★★★★★
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Thanks to you and your company Shingle Magic…
My mom remodeled her house with the money she saved from not replacing the entire roof. She was quoted $14000 to replace decking and shingles. As you can see in the attached invoices and information, the $10 k she saved went towards siding and paint as well as Iron Gates and new doors and fencing. She even got a new fountain in the atrium along with many other home enhancements. Cool Shield is an incredible product and my mom Joan Brennan is a happy and appreciative customer. - Allen L.
Noah G
Noah G★★★★★
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I am now a believer in the Shingle Magic product. Our roof is 42 years old, we couldn’t afford a new roof. It is amazing the transformation for our roof. We are very grateful for the Shingle Magic product.
Muareen V.
Muareen V.★★★★★
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Finding Shingle Magic was just short of a miracle? We have saved thousands of dollars, and used the savings on other projects around the house. Our roof looks great, and our roof investment is protected. Thank you Shingle Magic!!!

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Why Shingle Magic

Shingle Magic is a proprietary rejuvenating clear sealer developed to protect and preserve your asphalt shingles. Preventing the expensive cost of re-roofing. Providing an exclusive Consumer First Protection Warranty for 10 years. Extend your roof life up to 30 years.

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