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Why Shingle Magic

Roofing Rip-Off Alert: What's the Real Deal with Shingle Magic Sealer?

Hey there! Have you heard of the Shingle Magic Sealer for roofs? Some people think it sounds too good to be true. With so many new things popping up in the roofing world, it’s hard to tell what’s really worth it. So, let’s take a closer look at this Shingle Magic stuff and see if it’s the real deal or just more talk.

Why Do Competitors Call Shingle Magic Sealer a Scam?

Shingle Magic Sealer is like a protective coat for your roof. Think of it like a jacket for your shingles! It’s made to help roofs last longer and stay strong, even in rough weather like heavy rain or strong winds.

Why Are People Talking About It?

Longer Roof Life: This sealer can make your roof last up to 30 years longer! Imagine not having to worry about your roof for three whole decades.

Protection from Bad Weather: Rain, hail, wind—this sealer makes your roof ready to face them all. It’s like giving your roof a superhero shield.

CoolSeal Feature: Ever wish your house could stay cooler in the summer? Shingle Magic has this thing called CoolSeal. It helps bounce back the sun’s hot rays, keeping homes cooler and saving energy.

Is Shingle Magic A Scam?

Imagine not having to fix or replace your roof for a very long time. With Shingle Magic Sealer, many homeowners are finding they don’t need to worry about their roofs as much. Plus, with the bonus of a cooler house in the summer, many believe it’s a win-win.

In short, while there are lots of products out there that might not live up to the hype, Shingle Magic Sealer seems to be one of the good guys. So, if you’re thinking about giving your roof some extra care, this might be a great place to start!

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Is Shingle Magic a scam or too good to be true?


Shingle Magic prides itself on best in industry customer service.
Noah G
Noah G★★★★★
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I am now a believer in the Shingle Magic product. Our roof is 42 years old, we couldn’t afford a new roof. It is amazing the transformation for our roof. We are very grateful for the Shingle Magic product.
Muareen V.
Muareen V.★★★★★
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Finding Shingle Magic was just short of a miracle? We have saved thousands of dollars, and used the savings on other projects around the house. Our roof looks great, and our roof investment is protected. Thank you Shingle Magic!!!
Ryan M.★★★★★
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I never dreamed my roof would look this good. I thought I had to replace it. Thank you Shingle Magic for saving me thousands of dollars.
Tony M.★★★★★
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Can’t believe how sturdy this stuff makes roofing shingles. You have to see it to believe it. Plus, they look great, too! Just like new.
Steven P.★★★★★
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Wonderful product- we really had no idea how old our roof was but Frank reviewed our photos for the roof and said it was perfect for ShingleMagic! We had installed and it is amazing!! Truly worth it SAVED US A ROOF REPLACEMENT I DEFINITELY LOVE IT! I am 66 years old lived 18 years and this can be applied TWICE WHICH WILL PUT ME AT 86 before I need a roof replacement!!! Fantastic!!!


Why competitors Call Shingle Magic A scam

Competitors and the “Scam” Label: The Inside Story

In today’s competitive world, every business is striving to be the best, offer the most, and stay at the top. But, unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to tactics that aren’t so fair. When a product as promising and effective as Shingle Magic comes around, it’s bound to make waves and catch attention – and not all of it is good.

Why Competitors Are Crying “Scam”

Threat to Business: When Shingle Magic began showcasing its effectiveness, roofs started lasting longer and homeowners began saving money. This can be a potential threat to roofing companies that primarily focus on complete replacements. Fewer replacements mean less business for them.

Misunderstanding the Product: The science behind Shingle Magic is advanced. Not everyone takes the time to fully understand how it works. Sometimes, when people don’t understand something, they can be quick to dismiss it.

Fear of the New: New technologies and innovations can be intimidating. Traditional methods, even if they’re less efficient, are known and comfortable. Shingle Magic is changing the game, and change can be scary for those set in their ways.

The Power of Misinformation: One small rumor can spread like wildfire. If one competitor starts a false claim, others might jump on the bandwagon, believing the rumor without verifying the facts.

Setting the Record Straight:

It’s essential to base opinions on facts and not be swayed by rumors or misinformation. Independent testing and tons of satisfied customers show that Shingle Magic isn’t just talk; it delivers on its promises.

Moreover, responsible businesses operate on ethics and truth. Falsely labeling a competitor as a “scam” isn’t just bad for that competitor; it’s bad for the industry as a whole. Customers deserve honest information to make the best decisions for their homes.

Benefits of our CoolSeal Colors:

authentic third party TESTS

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Using a brand new shingle compared to a shingle coated with a CoolSeal Heat Reflective Color showing the dramatic difference and performance of heat transfer. 


Using a brand new shingle compared to a shingle coated with Shingle Magic Sealer. Providing protection and impact performance against wind, hail, and UV resistance.  

Benefits of our CoolSeal Colors:

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