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Preserve protect prolong why you must have shingle magic greetings homeowners and roof enthusiasts today we unravel the secrets behind maintaining a roof that not only stands the test of time but excels end durability and aesthetic appeal welcome to preserve protect prolong why you must have shingle Magic before we dive into the transformative world of shingle magic let’s acknowledge the challenges our roofs face daily from Relentless UV rays to the persistent threat of moss and algae our roofs need a guardian that’s where shingle magic steps in the shingle magic difference what sets shingle magic apart it’s not just a product it’s a shield imagine a protective layer that Shields your shingles from harmful UV rays prevents moss and algae growth and withstands the toughest weather conditions let’s hear from homeowners like you who’ve experienced the shingle magic [Music] transformation I am now a believer in the shingle magic product our roof is 42 years old we couldn’t afford a new roof it is amazing the transformation for our roof we are very grateful for the shingle magic product finding shingle magic was just short of a miracle we have saved thousands of dollars and used the savings on other projects around around the house our roof looks great and our roof investment is protected thank you shingle magic additionally let’s listen to a live interview featuring a satisfied customer who has benefited from using shingle magic I’m uh Brett Naples and I’m Amanda Naples and we live in Portage Michigan so my husband made me aware that we needed a new roof and we began looking into the options including shingle magic sealer and when he showed me what shingle Magic could do and how quickly it could get applied we were very interested in learning more so we gave shingle magic a call and they were really responsive they got somebody out to our house right away the representative was very informative showing us all the different testing and how reliable the product was and everything that would entail an installation for us and we were pretty sure right away that this is what we’re going to go with so once we made the decision we gave them a call and they came right back out so when it came to the installation day I was really impressed with how quickly they were able to come out and how easy it was to get into our schedule um being that we both work from home it was important that the application and the entire process wasn’t going to interrupt our ability to also work when the rep arrived to do our installation uh First Step was to thoroughly inspect the roof they documented any areas that needed to be repaired our rep was even able to locate the exact same custom designer shingle that we had on our roof to begin with patched an entire hole in our roof about the size of a basketball and I know my husband was also very impressed that they were able to put the sealer over all of our trim and the details up on top of our roof as well so it would look like brand new and different things that you just don’t expect to uh be that much of an eyesore once covered it it really made a difference and help pull everything together I agree I feel confident in its durability and its ability to withstand our harsh Michigan Winters we get a lot of rain a lot of snow ice leaves uh from our trees will drop and we have to blow them off so it’s a important to us that we had a durable roof that was going to actually help us add value to the home and then continue to insulate our home for us yes absolutely uh in the end I don’t think we would do anything different if we had to choose uh there’s not a single part of the process I really didn’t like or felt uncomfortable with everything was fast and really easy so yeah I I wouldn’t change a thing I wouldn’t either I agree and after seeing the videos of the before and after of our own group you can absolutely see the difference it it really looks brand new not only does it look brand new but my husband also said that it feels brand new when you go up on the roof and actually touch it and and test it out one of the other things that I was impressed with was the lack of noise during the application and also the cleanliness of the process absolutely our representative made sure to thoroughly clean our roof wrap and protect our house and any pieces that were not to be covered in the sealer there was no debris or construction material that was left side so for me that was really important that I was still able to access my house completely not having to worry about the side of our house or gutters or anything we don’t want getting sprayed and knowing that they took the time to make sure that everything is clean and neat and that’s how it stayed through the whole process yes I know I was super impressed with their ability to find the exact same shingle and their willingness to do that I love that the representative showed pictures of each of the areas that needed to be addressed so that we could visually look at that and then we could also see the process as it was happening so again I felt really confident that we were getting a great value and a really good product on top of that with shingle magic sealer indeed I’m Brett and I’m Amanda and we are 100% satisfied with shingle magic [Music] sealer meet another delighted customer who experienced the remarkable effects of shingle magic well the reasons I considered a coating for my roof is I’d seen commercials about people putting coatings on older roofs and making them more [Music] pliable one of the reasons I contacted all states is cu I went to the home show and I saw the shingle magic product it interested me my roof was was looking a little aged I wanted them to come out and do it and I had other neighbors who’ve used all states and were very happy with them the day it was installed I noticed a significant difference throughout my house bedrooms are a lot colder the great room is a lot colder everything looks great it’s an awesome look I can’t say enough about how well all states treated me as a customer as a friend everything just went worked well I recommend all states to everybody I run into anybody who will listen to me talk about them I talk about [Music] them however let’s not rely solely on our word we’ve sought advice from roofing experts who truly grasp the importance of shingle magic in elongating your roof’s lifespan we also rigorously test ouru products to ensure we deliver the highest quality for your needs now let’s hear from this expert in Shingle magic hello everyone Dominic com of here owner of shingle magic sealer the world’s number one roof Rejuvenation solution I’m out here at PRI in Tampa Florida and we conduct a variety of test of shingle magic sealer to prove that it truly does give you that better than new performance guarantee and the test we’re going to be talking about here in this video is where they took 2in ice balls and shot it literally through a cannon at shingle magic sealer at over 70 mph to make this test more dramatic we took a Owens Corning Supreme three tab shingle and after coating it with shingle magic sealer we put it in front of this high powered Cannon and we shot nine different ice balls at Shingle magic sealer in a variety of locations and the results were absolutely so mindblowing that we couldn’t find enough damage to justify leaving it at just 70 mph so what we decided to do is a ramp up the ice ball cannon to speeds over 120 mph so we could get real measurable data and real measurable impact on those treated shingles as a matter of fact we were shooting ice balls so fast at Shingle magic sealer that it was busting through the plywood behind the shingle itself and only then will we able to get measurable craters and measurable damage however the traditional ibhs test for Hail did almost no measurable damage to shingle magic sealer whatsoever whereas on the untreated shingle you can see craters and granual damage to a point where it can cause significant asphalt exposure which can lead to a leaky roof over time shingle magic seal is proving once and for all why this is the only roof Rejuvenation solution with that better than new performance guarantee when you take into account the results from the wind tunnel test the 2-in steel ball drop and last but not least the 2-in ice ball getting shot at 70 mph shingle magic stealer exceeded expectations in every category so we appreciate your interest in making the investment in the world’s greatest roof Rejuvenation solution Dominic here with shingle magic sealer as always make it a great day let’s delve into the science shingle Magic’s Advanced formula penetrates deep into your shingles creating a formidable barrier against the elements no matter the weather no matter the conditions Rain snow hail wind heat will be there protecting your roof from all the elements including mold and algae don’t replace your roof restore protect preserve and save with shingle magic sealer extend your roof’s life Bond shingle granules Milda resistance heat resistance wind rain and hail resistance proprietary formulationtion and a 10-year warranty over 9 90% of roofs can be restored and rejuvenated less than 10% of roofs need to be replaced 70% of roofs are replaced because the shingles are faded or have poor curb appeal save on average 80% of the cost of replacement extend your roots life up to a 30-year prepare to be amazed as we showcase real life before and after Transformations shingle magic doesn’t just protect it revitalizes [Music] [Music] watch Shing Magic In Action discover how shingle magic contributes to environmental friendliness watch the video showcasing how it prevents shingle waste in American landfills by ensuring granules adhere to your shingles reducing unnecessary waste environmental impact of your roof shingles is huge every year millions of old shingles are dumped into our landfills shingle granules are coated with a ceramic paint that are not biodegradable when they fall off the shingle the granules go into the gutters and down spouts where they are released into our water systems rivers lakes and eventually the ocean 90% of shingle roofs do not need to be replaced shingle magic eliminates these problems it rebonds the granules to the shingle keeping them on your roof where they belong our cool seal colors technology reflects heat from the roof conserving home energy use don’t replace your roof restore protect Preserve been save with shingle magic sealer we conduct these tests to guarantee that we consistently offer and deliver top quality products and services to our shingle magic customers explore our collection of videos for more insights wind resistance asmd 3161 [Music] test ibhs impact resistance ice ball test experience the application and roof tuneup process watch our informative video demonstrating the actual application of the shingle magic product what’s going on contractors Dominic comad here owner shingle magic it’s application day here at my house in Sun Prairie Wisconsin of course starting off here at the very beginning to my right we have the shingle magic SE itself it comes in 5 gallon buckets we have these simple cardboard Shields and they’re going to be really really effective and really handy to have on the job site at all times if you need a simple Shield to get in those hard to reach areas or you’ll see I actually made some Contraptions using these cardboards that actually cover the gutters so I don’t get any overspray my gutters right of course making sure that we have ample plastic you never know when you’re going to need plastic to lay down over some parts of the driveway or to set up the actual painting station where you’re going to have the paint sprayer and the shingle magic we just want to make sure that we’re protecting the customers’s property or any of their personal belongings the first step I’m going to do before I start applying shingle magic I’m actually going to go around and seal around any leak Crone areas of course things like chimneys skylights roof vents flashing obviously if you’re in the roofing business you know what I mean so I want to make sure that I get this sealed up really nice it’s kind of like a roof tunin up and while this is drying then I’m going to go ahead and prepare my shingle magic station and get ready for spraying now of course when we get ready for spraying right here we got a Titan 440 airless paint sprayer and we recommend going with at least 150t hose and what that’s going to do it’s going to allow you to centralize that paint sprayer on vast majority of the houses you’re going to be spraying and you don’t have to move the paint sprayer once you’re set up on the front of this we got a size 15 orifice tip now this is actually called a 415 and the reason why they call it a 415 is it actually gives you a net spray pattern of 4 in now when you spray this on the shingles it actually will provide an 8 in spray pattern but with every stroke you want a 50% overlap on every single stroke side de side that’s why they have a net spray pattern of 4 in so make sure that you have the proper safety harnesses the ooser prooof harnesses the proper LIF lines and tie offs and make sure that on every job without exception that you’re always wearing a hard head and safety glass it’s all about protection and again we know that we’re up on the roofs inherently there’s more danger involved with this type of profession and it gives that homeowner and yourself the peace of mind that you’re protected and then last but not least here you can see we got 5 gallon buckets this is going to be important for the cleaning part of the preparation um after the job’s done I’m taking all my equipment apart we recommend having at least four 5 gallon buckets just extra buckets on site hopefully this overview video is beneficial for you again just giving you a lay of the L everything you’re going to need to install shingle magic Perfection again if you have any other questions make sure you contact myself or Frank Ken be more than happy to help you out and as always here at Shingle magic go out there and make it a great [Music] day cost effective Roof Care let’s talk numbers investing in Shingle magic is not just an expense it’s a smart investment the cost of prevention is a fraction of the cost of repairs or replacements your roof stands as the Sentinel of your home braving the elements day in and day out preserving its Integrity need not strain your budget enter costeffective Roof Care elevated by the ingenious capabilities of shingle magic a solution that not only safeguards your roof’s longevity but also saves you from costly repairs or premature Replacements the power of preventive maintenance explore the concept of proactive maintenance and its cost-saving benefits learn how regular inspections and minor repairs can prevent larger more expensive issues down the road quality matters highlight the significance of choosing quality roofing materials and products discover how Superior Products like shingle magic can make a substantial difference in long-term cost savings the shingle magic Advantage reinforcing cost Effectiveness extending roof lifespan showcase how shingle magic Acts as a protective shield extending the life of your roof by preventing damage from UV rays Moss algae and weather related wear and tear cost analysis provide a comparative analysis detailing the initial investment in Shingle magic against the potential savings over the years emphasizing its cost Effectiveness empowering homeowners for long-term Savings in conclusion cost effective Roof Care isn’t just about cutting expenses it’s about making informed choices that optimize value and ensure your roof’s longevity by adopting proactive maintenance practices choosing quality products like shingle magic and implementing budget friendly strategies homeowners can secure a durable roof without compromising their financial well-being join us on this journey toward cost-effective Roof Care and Safeguard your investment while minimizing expenses